Late-Life Spirituality Retreats

I have no purpose”, and “I don’t have an opportunity to add meaning to the lives of others”, are common feelings we often hear from people nearing the latter part of their lives. Society treats the elderly as if they’ve had their time and now need to make way for younger generations, adding negativity with feelings of bitterness and regret.

These feelings arise from reflecting on decisions that were, or were not, made during their lives resulting in additional feelings of guilt, anger, fear, sadness and shame. If one’s end-of-life circumstances are not what they’d hoped for, they will instinctively blame themselves and question their life-choices.

However, through Transpersonal Coaching, the elderly can be exposed to Late-Life Spirituality which will provide the tools and skills needed for improving their lives with Meaning and Purpose.

Throughout my childhood, I saw my mother’s enormous passion for the elderly. She worked at a retirement home but could never understand how many children dropped their parents off, seldom visiting and all too relieved to make them someone else’s problem. Night after night, my mom came home both furious and disappointed at how the elderly were pushed aside in these very precious years of their lives.

I want to see a change of focus where we become aware of the value of Wisdom, Timelessness and Self-Awareness that the elderly hold, and help them to re-establish their Heart-Perspective and Soul-Confidence in this life as they successfully navigate their journey into eternity without frustration and regrets.

Through my experience in leadership development and as a Transpersonal Coach, I believe that self-awareness of the elderly’s actualised lives can help them to initiate an exciting, successful journey towards Self-Transcendence. Spiritual Contemplation plays a huge part in assisting them to successfully navigate this vital journey. It’s also how I can continue my mother’s legacy and further ignite my passion for coaching within the Transpersonal Realm.


Late-Life Self-Transcendence

Our Late-Life Spiritual Retreats are partially subsidised and financed by the Slabbert Family Trust as our Social Wellbeing and Responsibility investment. These retreats are aimed for 60+- year olds and aim to facilitate a path to renewed Hope and Purpose through group work, individual coaching sessions and time spent in nature.

The goal of these retreats is to facilitate Late-Life Spirituality, to spend time with our Authentic Selves, to grow and develop others in the same situation, and to spend time in the beauty of the plant and animal kingdoms. Ultimately, our retreats provide the opportunity to spend time with God, our Divine source of being.

We expect that those who attend will see a shift in motive brought about by a spirit of consolation, and will experience a changed state of mind that will almost instinctively lead to finding a renewed Life Purpose and Meaning. Keep a close look out for the next retreat on our Events calendar.

A future project that I’m particularly excited about is developing an online platform to connect retired professionals with young, ambitious individuals who can learn from the valuable pool of experiences from those who have previously walked in their shoes. Should you be interested to join one of these exciting opportunities, please refer to our Contact Us page.

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