A retreat offers an opportunity to pause from the demands of our rushed living and withdraw to a place of peacefulness, solitude, and silence. This space of quietness creates the foundation to connect deeply with yourself, nature and the Divine.

You will embark on an inner journey, be given input and practical guidance, together with opportunities for practice and quiet reflection. We follow an eco-centric approach to facilitate the integration of all aspects of identity, with a strong focus on helping you become authentic, discover your inner wisdom, and live and lead from within.

Who would benefit from this retreat?
• If you are faced with big, life-altering decisions
• If you are faced with major career decisions
• If you need to increase your capacity to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
• If you need to recalibrate your marriage
• If you need clarity with navigating relationships
Johan Slabbert focuses on keeping his retreats limited to 6 to 8 retreatants per retreat to ensure a focused value proposition for each retreatant.
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