Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching offers coaching services to organisations, companies, teams and individuals to help facilitate systemic change. We work with leaders from entry-level managers to senior executives, as well as with teams and larger groupings of employees to ensure synergy and communal learning throughout the organisation. Individual coaching typically shows results over the short term (a period of three months). Team coaching and group coaching in corporate settings are important for sustained performance over the long term.

At the core of this unique model is the burning desire to drive a Grand Restoration Agenda fueled by a Higher Purpose:

Mental Health - Services

Recalibrating the relationship with self – Mental Health.


Recalibrating the relationship with OTHERS – RELATIONAL HEALTH.

Incarnational health - services

Recalibrating the relationship with the plant and ANIMAL KINGDOM – Incarnational health.

relationship with Ein Sof - services

Restoring our relationship with Ein Sof, God, Mother-Nature, divine source, our Creator.

Our holistic coaching model (body, mind & soul) is aimed at the development of leadership identity, authenticity and a decisive mind, underpinned by a cross-cultural moral compass that helps with decision making that is not fuelled by anger, fear, sadness or shame. The moral compass is driven by the universal principles of love, compassion, care and performance. This helps our coachees become, “The Transpersonal Authentic Leader within their unique leadership brand”.

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coach’s unique Holistic, Transpersonal coaching model includes these services:

Leadership Coaching

Ignites a global psychological shift, developing leaders to go beyond the limitations of their ego-identity and become radically authentic, spiritual and wildly creative with firm moral and ethical values.

Nature-based leadership development coaching retreats

An eco-centric approach facilitates the integration of ego-identity and soul-identity, with a strong focus on helping leaders be authentic, discover their inner wisdom and lead from within. We offer nature-based retreats. This is, in essence, a holistic coaching programme for groups. Performance and breakthrough successes are based on transformation through transcendent identity-based coaching, leading to improved emotional intelligence (capacity to better deal with fear and uncertainty), cultural intelligence and spiritual intelligence. The coaching retreats have a strong focus on personal transformation, helping leaders to synthesise their analytical and associative minds.

Career Leadership

Identifying an individual’s strengths, passions and interests to find purpose and fulfillment in their careers.

Leadership Life

Coaching new-world leaders for a more fulfilled and successful life.

Business Leadership

Creating entrepreneurial leaders equipped for growth and success.

Executive Leadership

Focuses on leadership identity, ability and development, for success with people and performance management.

Coaching as a way to cope with COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic is forcing people to rethink their lives, and rapidly adjust to new ways of living and working. This pandemic is increasingly leading to stress, burnout and other mental health issues in companies and households all over the world.

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching offers coaching services specifically aimed at coping with the impact of COVID-19. Various options are available to managers and leaders, and people operating in teams or other groupings.