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Nominated for Most Admired Business & Leadership Coach 2020 Awarded Most Reliable Leader in Logistics & Supply Chain 2020 by Global Brands Magazine

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching provides coaching services to a wide range of clients from all industry sectors across the globe. Coaching sessions are predominantly offered in nature-based retreats, but are also held either in person (place-based) or online (using Zoom or Skype).

My in-depth understanding of the link between organisational excellence and employee behaviour has been acquired over more than three decades. This expertise is underpinned by academic qualifications and a significant amount of practical experience in coaching and spiritual accompaniment. This allows me to support people on an intellectual, emotional and spiritual level, enabling them to cope with uncertainty in an ever-changing environment.


More about Johan Slabbert

Johan Slabbert has been practising as a transpersonal / spiritual / life/ leadership and executive coach for over seven years. Johan is an international business transformation leader, and founder and CEO of the AGL Group of Companies operating in various industry sectors. Johan has more than three decades of executive leadership experience in several industries across the globe.  Johan is a member of the institute of directors since 1999 and currently holds a position on the Forbes Coaching Council in the USA. He is the author and developer of the business model called Gyroscope – The Business Model™.

Johan is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and a certified Advanced Enneagram Practitioner. He has a keen interest in both human and leadership development as well as the critical analysis of current pedagogies within the field.

Johan Slabbert - Transpersonal Coaching Profile

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Industry recognition – nominated for two Global Brands Magazine Awards in 2020

Most Admired Business & Leadership Coach 2020

Most Reliable Leader in Logistics & Supply Chain 2020

Relevant qualifications

Currently reading to register for a PhD in Developmental studies: “Theoretical Transpersonal Coaching Model for the development of the Transpersonal and Authentic leadership brand”.

Master’s in Science (MSc) in Executive Coaching and Behavioural Change (with merit), University of Reading, UK (Henley Business School) – 2018

Certified Advanced Enneagram Practitioner, Integrative Enneagram Solutions – 2019

Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change, University of Reading, UK (Henley Business School) – 2017

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner Certificate, University of Reading, UK (Henley Business School) – 2016

Membership of professional coaching bodies

Forbes Coaching Council – since 2020

Henley Business School UK Coach Directory – since 2020

Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) – since 2015

International Coach Federation (ICF) – since 2015

Coach Directory – since 2015

Institute of Directors in South Africa (IODSA) – since 1999

Spiritual Directors International – Since 2021