Our Passion

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching’s unique psycho spiritual approach to professional, personal and spiritual development is based on both ancient wisdom teachings and current breakthroughs in the fields of human sciences – igniting growth and development throughout all spheres of life. This approach acknowledges the spiritual dimension in human experience as the core intelligence that drives full, prosperous, joyful and purposeful lives. 

We have a passion for coaching people to be accountable and embrace their responsibilities and higher purpose, be authentic and rediscover their inner wisdom. We create the space for the transfiguration of people as they become confident Psychonauts of their inner space and being. Such people are radically authentic, spiritual, wildly creative, and lead their lives from a place of moral excellence. This is the core of Johan Slabbert’s inner burning desire and the force behind his unique coaching model.

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching’s holistic approach is related to Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Theories (CBT), Depth and Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal psychology does not only focus on the external world of behaviours but includes experiences within the inner quantum field of the coachees’ psyche as legitimate and powerful human memory and experiences. We engage with people’s Emotional, Social, Cultural and Spiritual Intelligence to enable a deeper and broader engagement with all facets of today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges. It empowers people towards a deep understanding of ego-self with an introduction to their soul-self culminating into self-mastery. This journey towards transpersonal and authentic identity creates a new world consciousness for the greater good of this world.


The transpersonal space and human spirituality has never been more important. The COVID-19 global pandemic is forcing people to rethink their meaningfulness, and to rapidly adjust to new ways of living, being and working.

Our coaching can help prepare people from all walks of life to embrace our new world.

Johan Slabbert Transpersonal Coaching